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In August vacation, two years ago I had an unforgettable trip with my family, we traveled to Acapulco, Guerrero; for me this was an amazing experience, because until then my grandson did not know the sea, we have planned before going to Acapulco, we bought bus tickets and we jumped at an angle to the adventure. When we arrived in Acapulco we have made some phone calls to the hotel asking for accommodation for a few days, luckily the hotel had low occupancy and it has helped us.
The day after our arrival we went to the boardwalk, so I finally could see the sea; I remember the day, ships from the coast, was what you like best. Thus something I wanted to see for a long time, became something very special because not onIy could see the sea for the first time, I could also see a big ship.
For me this was the best trip of my life, we had to get the gifts, because my grandson wanted to go without gifts, Our visit to Acapulco was extended for two weeks, I can not say that those days were a vacation, do not visit places that tourists usually visit, but we can say that in those weeks we had a really good time.
Finally, after those days of living that vacation in Acapulco, My famila and I had to go back to our respective homes; For my part, not only have the wonderful experience of seeing my famila board, also the hospitality of the people, and were treated well.
Since I made that trip, I could tell that big things that have nothing to do with money, and no matter the age at which things are done, if they make you happy.

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  1. Muchas gracias, me han servido de referencia algunas actividades para entender mejor lo que debo hacer