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My life Project M7S4

Mi vida en otra lengua.

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                     Módulo 7.

                                 My life Project...

                               Proyecto Integrador 7.

 My life Project.

            a.- What are your personal goals?
            1.-I think I will start a new  websites design business.

2.- I suppose that I will continue with my course websites

       b. What are your future plans about your studies?

1.      I am going to continue my studies because they sure will open a lot of opportunities
2.      Yes I’m going to continue with my studies, And get a good average in my qualifications

     c. What are your future plans about your family?

1.      I want to continue to live with my grandson now that this guy I would like that 

2.       I want my family will support me with my studies already that i sometimes complicates

    d. What are you going to do to be healthier?

The most important thing to eat in my hours because sometimes I one meal and try to exercise.
   e. Write one goal you wish to achieve in the next five years.
    finish high school in line and continues with a Computer Engineering and create my    own company

    f. What will you do to achieve that goal?
         Continue preparing myself in my studies and continue the short-term and long-term goals that I have set myself to be able to see my achievements

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2 Responses to "My life Project M7S4"

  1. hola muy buena presentacion gracias por apoyar a muchas personas ala que se les dificulta

  2. gracias por tu apoyo ya que das ideas y nos muestras sscomo relizar las actividades gracias amig@ :)